3D printed replica of the Digi-Comp II marble computer

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/03/06/3d-printed-replica-of-the-digi.html


That’s not quite what I remembered in the Hobbies Catalogue. I have found what I remembered, but this looks more fun.

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Totally unrelated, but BB forcing people to either pay for an “ad free pass” or suffer the damn constant popup if you’re using an adblocker is something else. Never seen this on the internet before. Way to force the hand of visitors to your website.


Very cool. I have often thought about trying to reproduce one of these in Phaser.js. Now that someone’s done so much if the ground work, maybe I should get more serious about it.

I don’t see a popup at all, plenty of ads on the sidebar, sure.
Using a Mac mb the difference?
And I am pretty sure BB does not have a ‘prime subscription’ model.

I suspect a advertiser has added some fun just for you

I’m seeing it too, have to turn off ABP to make the window go away, otherwise costs $.05 per page to not have Google Ads.

I had a Digi-Comp I growing up. If you are interested in making one here is a link:


I built one of these and it works great and really broght back the memories

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I too use a mac. No I don’t think it’s just for me.

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wow that sucks! I must have said “ok show me ads that I’ll just ignore”
mb that pop up popped once long long ago? dunno

Thread is here.

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CORRECTION: I spoke too soon with the post below. It’s a more subtle kind of nuisance. I’m kind of curious to see whether/how/to what extent the Happy Mutant Overlords address this, so I’ll check back in a few days (give or take a dozen muscle-memory visits) and then see if it’s worth the trouble of figuring out how to block the slightly-more-difficult-to-block nag-box.

One of the various tracker/ad/malware-blocking extensions I use makes it easy to right-click on the offending nag-box. I saw it once, a few minutes ago, and in all likelihood I’ll never see it again.

Ghostery, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, and F*ck Overlays are my current suite. Looks like it’s uBlock Origin that let me do that right-click, but there are probably lots of extensions that’ll get the job done.

It’s not that it’s impossible for BB this or any other site to make ads functionally unblockable, or to paywall content. And I’m actually not entirely sure whether I’ve seen the full spectrum of attempts just yet, judging from some of the images on the thread Jorpho linked. But so far the mere nuisance “let’s block 10% of the screen until you turn off the ad blocker” thing was easy enough to defeat.

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