32-bit computer built inside Terraria

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Learning and drawing logical circuits in school was kind of weird back then. In a way like learning to do multiplication in your head while there was a calculator right in front of you, it did not seem to make any sense beyond understanding the concepts, and training some of them.

I was always to lazy to do stuff by hand if the tools to do it already existed. I still am programming that way! I want to achieve a target, lazily, and in a efficient way. This goes far beyond “efficient” - it is amazing.

Honestly, I can’t really relate to why he kept this up, but I am glad for him. The result is cool, and he seemed to have learned a lot during his efforts. I wish I could have the same dedication to anything in life - but then, I am a bit of a generalist, which has its own merits. Or so I hope.

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Neat! Now do it in Dwarf Fortress. I’m sure it will be fun.

That has been around for a while:


Is Dwarf Fortress Turing compliant? If not, why has someone not attempted to make it so?

Clearly I spoke too soon. Well, fuck. Really? It is?

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