You can make a Turing machine inside a game of Magic: The Gathering

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That’s some high-level geekery there. So if it’s Turing-complete, we should be able to run Linux on it…


It should be noted that he’s been working on this for a long time with active interest in the Magic community; Alex Churchill published an early Magic Turing machine around 2010-11, and definitely had a true universal Turing machine version around 2012. (Version 5, if I remember correctly.)

Every so often a new card lets him redesign and improve the whole thing.


When did they add Romulans to MTG?


I can only hope that Phyrexian cards are involved. Seems more fitting that way.

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… on a Beowulf Cluster.

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Or Minecraft. And build a game of Magic inside the Minecraft instance.


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