A modern-day Amelia Earheart (that's her name) launches 'round the world flight next week

Right, but it must be thrilling to tempt fate, not that I would know. Im a coward.

I finished Amelia Earhart’s biography a few weeks ago. It’s a shame that she’s so well known for her flying and so little known for anything else, because she really was an amazing person in many ways. If we had wanted to name our daughter after someone, Amelia would probably have been a candidate and it wouldn’t be because we wanted her to be a pilot or anything. She’s a good example of someone who was clear about her goals and willing to take risks, challenge cultural limitations and consider others without being controlled by them.

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Sorry, but tl;dr. Frankly, you’re a bully, you bore me and you’re too predictable. So predictable that I’m sure I can sum up what you’ve said. You assured me that you said nothing wrong towards these people you don’t know and there’s no need for any apology to Amelia nor her family because you’re oblivious to your own hurtful words and general negative attitude towards these people who’ve never done you any harm. I suppose Amelia challenged your fragile sensibilities by chasing her dreams instead of being locked with fear and failure, but I hardly find that her fault. You also expressed how you can’t handle what you dish out (which is weak). Thanks for playing.

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I’d be more inclined to believe this actually was your life experience. Rather than the one or two anecdotal first or second-hand instances I now suspect it actually is.

I didn’t read his drivel, but if he’s saying that he thinks he’s had a hard life, I believe him. He obviously thinks he’s suffered terribly and therefore feels the passive-aggressive need to project that suffering towards complete strangers and be snide towards them while also spreading negativity throughout these threads. An infantile, narcissistic and bullying way to lash out instead of dealing and coping with his own shit, that’s for sure. I guess it’s easier than growing up and dealing with adult things like self-reflection and empathy.

Of course, I’m sure he hypocritically resents this little psychoanalysis because he’s the target of it. He only thinks it’s appropriate when he’s targeting someone else like Amelia and her family unprovoked with insulting accusations, etc. formed completely out of his ass. Then again, many bullies just can’t seem to take what they dish out, can they?

Hear! Hear!

No, I mean really, dude. Hear what @marilove is saying to you, @Glitch. Turn your life around and please stop being such a negative, online bully.

@Glitch… You’re better than this, aren’t you? You can start by apologizing for being such a stinker towards this family, then let’s move on and let bygones be bygones? These are real people you were talking about who may very well happily stumble upon this thread only to find your hurtful, accusatory, derisive drivel fine-tuned to insult herself and her parents.

The first step is having the dignity to admit mistakes so we can learn from them and progress. I think you’re a real person behind this online persona of yours and I hope someday you let out that real person and be more humane here. There’s no reason you can’t start today and start by apologizing.

These aren’t pixels in a video game. These are real people you’re being hurtful towards with real feelings who have done nothing to you (nor anyone else that I know of). I hope you reconsider or at least take pause and try some self-reflection next time before you say such shitty things about others who’ve haven’t done you nor anyone else any harm.

You may find this kind of talk wishy-washy, weak and un-macho, but we’ll just have to disagree on what makes a person strong.

I know this is all conjecture, but I wonder if you’d give this much attention to this grown woman if she were a man. (Look how long you took defending Martin Luther King, Jr.! Heh.)

She’s a successful pilot. I wonder if you’re just bitter and jealous that you’re not getting the attention she’s getting. No, I don’t wonder: Considering your tl;dr screeds, I KNOW you’re bitter and jealous.

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At least she’s attractive. ;)~

Falcor, what do you know about flying?!?

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As long as she’s not flying Oceanic or Malysian Air, she will be fine.

It’s been done before. In 1964 Jerrie Mock, an Ohio housewife did it in a Cessna. Her plane hangs in the Smithsonian.

Ohio Housewife flys around the World

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