A most incredible NASA promotional video

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Great short.

I notice that it appears to be time for men (including Cronkite) to at least somewhat openly cry, which is fine by me. I’ve watched NASA missions on TV since my teacher brought in a TV so we could watch Shepard’s suborbital launch. Too bad they didn’t have time for some of the “Aeronautics” but … time.

If anyone cares, there’s an X-plane in a hangar off of Rogers Dry Lake again. My kid didn’t have to kill me when he showed me pictures, which I appreciate.




“We are going*”

*Assuming we ever get any funding. **
**Don’t hold your breath.


All the more reason to not vote conservative. In their world view there is no room for funding for science and NASA. I support the Federal government’s responsibility and role in making our lives better and NASA has always been my number one reason to wave my inner flag. In fact, it kind of makes me sad when others cheer on Space X and other private space vendors when in reality, except for a few outliers all of their technology is based on NASA’s research, experience and courage to truly go where no man has gone before. GO NASA!


NASA was there first; SpaceX, Blue Horizon and the rest are standing on the shoulders of giants to do their work, but I am in favor of anything that gets our eggs out of this increasingly small and cramped and fragile basket.


Looks like a great movie. When does it come out?


I’m 100% behind NASA, as long as it’s repurposed to explore the deep ocean, identify and plan for the preservation of the thousands of undiscovered species on earth, and pioneer energy and survival strategies for the accelerating climate crisis. They haven’t found so much as a bacterium on the dusthole planets they seem so enamored of.

Cut space exploration down to the remote instruments that have given such a great return, and put those great minds at NASA to work on things that really matter.


Sort of… Conservatives, especially those of a libertarian persuasion, are nuts for manned spaceflight. Not so much for actual science, though, or for the most important work that NASA is currently doing, which is Earth science and climate research. What worries me is not that NASA’s budget will be cut, but that the conservatives will insist that funding is shifted from science to yet another engineering boondoggle.


So wonderful, curiously enough watched this at the tail end of the live stream of the Russian supply mission success. I watched it a couple times. Then I showed it to the Enkwife and Enkling at the table this AM. I like it, don’t get me wrong. But… it was a bit HOORAH! for me as I prefer the fan-made Sagan Series NASA ‘ads’. The music, Carl’s mellifluous voice, some incredible imagery… inspirational. Aspirational.

I think SpaceX will beat NASA to Mars by a long shot. Senate Launch System seems more and more like military-grade make work (federal pork for tech, there are worse things they could spend it on).

Charles Stross’ blog antipope has had some great discussions as to why tinned primates are a lousy space exploration payload. Maybe it is the lizard brain talking, but I still get a thrill from Apes In Spaaaaaaace!


NASA needed that trailer… And perhaps, we all did.


My favorite NASA ad, with some Roscosmos thrown in: https://youtu.be/w9gOQgfPW4Y

Did I see a few frames from 2001? That was not a real victory for NASA, what with Hal not opening the pod bay doors and all. Also, a prayerful Sigourney Weaver? Was she praying they never send her to LV-426? Because it’s too late, Sigourney.

Star Sailors…I like that. Much better than Space Force. Star Sailor doesn’t sound so …militarized.


“We are building the next chapter of American exploration.”

This editor flinched just a bit here.

I don’t think you can build a chapter.


I shudder to think how much screaming will come from the anti-intellectual and Flat Earth folks when they see this.


I don’t know what it says about me that I’m sorely tempted to name a future child “Star Sailor.”

I :heart: NASA, though I think that its Post-Cold War mission has muddied somewhat. Exploration for exploration’s sake is noble, but it doesn’t hit all three corners of the iron triangle.

Still a great video.

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I have to believe in my mind that most of these so-called flat earthers don’t really think the earth is flat. It’s just them trying to be a smartass. I need that to be true.


Is this anything like that Space Force Trump told me about?


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I made the mistake of watching a report on these folks - probably on CBS Sunday Morning. After that, my only comfort was hoping Mike Hughes is successful…and watching Ron White: