#StarMan: Watch live views of Elon Musk's SpaceX 'pilot' driving Tesla Roadster in Space


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I was promised flying cars - close enough.


I want one.


More space junk. Meh.


Even I could park with that much room…


I want THAT one.


That is so incredibly cool. The stream is nice, but it would be great to hear real-time mission updates. I guess the center core return is not televised?


Let’s see reentry


Do be honest. Seeing those twin boosters touch down…and the ferring come of the Tesla was a big “WHOO WHOO” moment for me. I smiled.

It was a test flight. For a heavy launch vehicle. …so the guy says…hey instead of a bunch of concrete blocks…let’s launch my car.

The major takeaway is that it brought back something spaceflight needed…a ‘cool factor’. The “Whoo Whoo” moment where you cheer and smile.


Seen it.


I think Elon watched Heavy Metal one too many times.


Don’t worry, it’s not intended to stay in our planetary neighborhood.




It would have been a heavy junk payload regardless, because it won’t be more earth-orbit junk unless something goes wrong, I believe it’s supposed to to into a heliocentric mars-injection orbit as part of the test. More interesting than a big brick.


A crazy, mad-scientist pioneered a currency transfer system, became a billionaire, created a car company that is revolutionizing the industry, and then proceeded to shoot his personal car to Mars. This happened.

Centuries from now there will be a serious church that whorships Elon Musk.


According to this tweet from Dec.

There’s a copy of the Hitchhikers Guide in the glove compartment…and a towel.


OH fuck - you remember how that ends, right?


Shit - this is how it ends, right?


Don’t forget NASA’s blatant product placement for the 1971 Chevy Luna.



It turned out the center core was lost–apparently only one of the three engines fired and it crashed into the ocean.

Still the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a very long time. The synchronized landing of the other two boosters was mind-boggling.