A musical salute to Father's Day, courtesy of Groucho Marx and Junior Bear

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It really needs old retired Groucho for this…

Also Everybody Works But Father…


When native Americans see the rest of the country celebrate Columbus day or July 4… That’s pretty much my feelings around Father’s day. Where those who have them get to gloat in front of those who don’t.

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Meh. The teen boy is home while I am out having fun. Family day? I spend every other day with those crazies as is.

Cory, you left off two awesome scenes from that cartoon:

Fun fact: Ma Bear was voiced by Bea Benederet, who played Kate in Petticoat Junction.

My father passed away earlier this year, and I can’t stress how much of a bad time I’ve been having with this “father’s day” commercial bs, but this was a nice palate cleanser. I miss him so much.


I cringe every year at the crass commercialism of mother’s day. I try to avoid it with a sort of manic desperation. My mom died almost ten years ago, but it still makes me sick. I don’t think I would feel that way if there was more of this on air for both holidays. NPR and APR tend to make up for a lot of the junk.

Not sure if it’s it’s tin pan alley or Groucho had a tin ear, is his singing out of tune?

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