Mr. T says no to 'yo mama' jokes in 'Treat Your Mother Right'

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I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to this wise, good-hearted man.


I remember as a kid Mr T was a tough guy who had vulnerabilities and didn’t let being tough get in the way of being compassionate. I remember him saying to be good to your mama, and do the right things even when it was hard. These were at the end of his Mr. T cartoon. Sure, cheesy little PSAs to make the before mentioned cartoon have some sort of “educational value”, but I remember them.

Another example of this is on the A-Team he hated flying and had to be tricked. And he never had beer or soda on the show, always milk.

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I wonder if those vulnerabilities were part of his motivation to produce these PSAs?


This comment section (but not the video - you are warned) consists of posh Yo Mamma jokes.

“One’s mama is of such generous proportions that the postal office is required to register her location independently.”
“One’s mama’s heftiness is so prodigious, when she arrives at a hashery, they bestow unto her a plentitude rebate.”
"One’s mama is so large, twas but a fortnight whence I tried to proceed around her and failed due to depleting my supply of petrol. "

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In high school we got a copy of Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool on VHS. Whenever we skipped classes to engage in recreational activities that I won’t admit to in writing on a public forum, we would put this on in the background. To this day most of my friends from back then can still sing all of the words to this song, and the New Edition track from the movie, Peer Pressure.

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