Life lessons from Mr. T


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“It’s easy to get lost in a desert.”
________________________Mr. T




I ain’t goin on no plane.


What happens in Mexico City stays in Mexico City.


Season 1, episode 8.


“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with wearing glasses…if you need 'em.”

(hipsters fidget uncomfortably)





You can’t fly no tank fool!


I always like Mr. T as a kid. Probably because he was on the A-Team and I loved that show. It’s kinda odd, but his quirks like not wanting to fly and liking milk made him relatable. I think these snippets were from the end of the cartoon he used to have…

According to wikipedia:

8 “Dilemma of the Double-Edged Dagger” November 5, 1983

Mr. T was placed under arrest while the team was in Mexico City where strange thefts from a museum happened. With Mr. T in jail, the team try to help by finding the real criminals and uncover an ancient pyramid. Once inside, the team discovers 4 Aztec warriors standing in their way.


One of Lang’s most famous moments, when Clubber shouts at Adrian that she should be with him instead of Rocky was actually improvised by Mr. T. Stallone, who was directing Rocky III, liked it and kept it in the final cut because it helped show how despicable Lang was, as well as really drove Rocky to fight again. However, Mr. T’s mother was allegedly upset with its inclusion, saying to him at the premiere “I did not raise you to talk to a lady like that!”.


I always liked Mr. T too. Part of it was my age when he became popular, and I think he used to to a circuit of schools, or perhaps my mother took me to some “Hear Mr. T Speak” in hopes he would inspire me not do do drugs, try hard, or whatever the social message of the day was. My mother was unaware that he was rather religious. I can’t remember if he came to my school, or some after school program, or where I saw him. He wore less gold in person than on T.V. and that struck me. He also seemed larger than life, he was huge. He also seemed very friendly.

What grabbed me, especially when he dropped the tough guy act, is the reason he went by Mr. T . All I can find is this Letterman interview from 1982, but I think there is an NPR interview with him where he explains it.

From Late Night with David Letterman, 1982? Clip found on Youtube.

As he tells it, it was about respect, as he was often called “boy”. I think every kid that heard that related instantly, even if they didn’t get racism. From my memory, the more soulful explanation included that his father was called “boy” even as a man and he just took it. Then he got old enough where it dawned on him it was an insult, and he could not stand it.

I replied to you, instead of the thread in general, because @Mister44 has Mr. in it, and I like the Shadow avatar (I hope I have that right).



Mr. T is a treasure. I love him.
Drink your drugs, stay in milk and don´t do school, kids!


When I was in high school I owned a copy of Mr. T Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool. When we would skip classes, we would head to my place and watch the hour long PSA and maybe enjoy some recreational substances. The songs are still etched in my brain.





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