There is only one man with the gold, and that man is Mr. T


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If your story had only said, “Pity fools, respect mothers”, I would have ‘liked’ it anyway!


I hope he got your vote on DWTS.


What is this even…


I’m’ troubled by that linked KFC Ad. Troubled.



Huh - no idea he was on that.

I wish he had done more after the 80s. IIRC he had some cancer issues, and once I saw him on that horrible TBS(?) religious channel. But he was a fun character actor!




Some marketers come up with great ad campaigns. Some don’t.
I think we know which one we have here, (adds KFC to “do not ever buy” list).


I’m just thinking that if that… thing and the Burger King creepoid ever teamed up…

Appetites Will Be Lost


They’ve been funding some really weird stuff as ads recently.



Yeah, kinda already there because of the food’s … flavor. Also texture, odor, and aspect.


Met Mr. T when he had a gig as a title-fight weekend greeter in Vegas about 20 years ago, nice guy, very funny and friendly- this was pre-phone/selfie days so pardon the image quality… one of many Vegas-centric brushes with fame I’ve enjoyed over the years. Love that “gold plate” and what can I say, I still love the Meat Puppets too.


Is that a whole gold plated apple pie?



I whish they would produce an alternative timeline of The Walking Dead with Mr T.
Could be fun!


Why alternative? Why not stumble upon an enclave set up by the A-Team? They had mad maker skills. They probably could make a set up 10x better than the professor on Gilligan’s island.