There is only one man with the gold, and that man is Mr. T

I guess all hope of Mr. T providing the voice of Barret Wallace in the new FF7 remake is probably dead now.

This was kind of neat:

(Full issue in the gallery.)

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I see that and raise you this:


Mr. T is no longer the man with the gold. Not since 2006. See this:

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I can’t keep 2 chains from tangling. How does he do it?

I kinda liked it. KFC ads seem to be trending towards parodies of parodies of themselves. And if there is one thing I like, it’s parody parity.


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How is it that we are more than 25 comments in to this thread and nobody has 'shopped a Mr. ⊥ parody book cover yet?

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Kernos, you mean, how did he do it. As it says in the news story I linked to, Mr. T stopped wearing gold necklaces after he saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The book highlighted in the post is from the mid-90’s.

As for how he may have done it, there’s a way to have all those chains attached in the back, so they form a huge multistrand necklace.

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