Key & Peele's 'Mr. T' PSAs

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Since we are discussing Key & Peele + 80s, their cover of Gremlins 2 was fantastic


One of my favorite skits, Mr T. crying at the end always cracks me up. My niece and nephew have learned the whole skit. My nephew’s impression of Mr. T crying at the end about his rare male pattern baldness is hilarious


Is it even possible that Key & Peele are still underrated? Sketch by sketch, no show has been more consistently great.
Maybe Chappelle’s Show comes close. SNL has a lot of memorable sketches, but think of all the ones that just fall flat every episode.
K&P: Consistently Great


I love them all, but the production values on this one are 100


The Mr. T Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool VHS was one of the key pieces of media for my friends in high school. We must have watched it a few times a week for years. They may have been the least effective PSAs for keeping kids in school ever to be invented.


Having never seen Gremlins 2 I had to look it up after seeing this video. :open_mouth:


I love this bit. I had to double check the Mr T record and make sure there wasn’t a song about hair. Everything about this perfectly mimicks the original sound.

It’s pretty great how many of these old sketches have been officially uploaded to Youtube now. I never watched the show with any regularity, so getting to see a bunch of new to me content is great.

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The sheer zaniness of the movie itself makes it worth watching, especially when you realize it is the official follow-up to a film that, while still comedy, took itself a bit more seriously. Makes for quite an incongruous double feature.


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