A new investigation shows an Amazon warehouse destroying millions of unsold products each year

I’m not terribly surprised. I worked in a Michael’s craft store in 1999. I saw this whole process of buying a ton of cheap seasonal crap (a lot of products made in 3rd world countries of awful materials like particle wood bard and hay etc) … at the end of let’s say the Christmas season, stuff would get marked down to 50 % off, a week before Christmas then 70% off the week of Christmas, then 90% off the week after Christmas, and then we’d literally throw a couple bins of unsold merch in the dumpster . I guess my point is, yes it’s horrible, but I’m not sure this is something new (maybe it’s worse? I wouldn’t doubt it). Capitalism is extremely wasteful…


From June 22, 2021

Amazon faces MPs’ scrutiny after destroying laptops, tablets and books | Amazon | The Guardian

… McDonagh said it was a picture of “wanton waste”.
“You have the combination of them throwing away perfectly good things that people desperately need and treating their staff as badly as they do. They seem to be almost like a nation state. They’re impervious.”
The secret filming by ITV News in an area of Amazon’s Dunfermline warehouse called the “destruction zone” showed items, ranging from computer equipment to hairdryers, power tools, books and even sealed face masks, being sorted into boxes labelled “destroy”. …


This hurts all the more to watch this when our family is in dire need of laptop upgrades we cannot afford. Most of our machines are 6 years or older.


America has more vacant foreclosed homes than homeless people. We throw away 40% of the food we produce. How is this at all surprising?

And seriously, even Ayn Motherfucking Rand said there was no harm in giving away empty seats on the train after all the other passengers had paid for tickets.


How can they say no items are sent to land fill when they followed a wagon to a landfill site to dump items!

Amazon lying threw their teeth on that one!

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