A parking spot in Boston for sale: $650,000

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I just pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd.


Some people just have too much money.


Why would I PAY for parking in Boston, when I can park for free on I-95?


You could probably buy an apartment or condo a little ways outside the city and hire a chauffeur to be at your beck and call and get a couple years worth of service for the same $650k.

If a space just sold for $390K a couple weeks ago, then $650K is just wishful thinking. Asking prices aren’t selling prices.

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Um… isn’t, you know, anything a better investment than Bitcoin?

Also: Boston be Boston.


Ha, you have no idea what condos cost “a little ways outside the city.” Unless you mean a couple hours away.

600-800K for a one-floor apartment in a suburb outside Boston isn’t uncommon.

Time to tear down some apartment buildings and put up parking garages!

Actually you probably can hire a helicopter to pick you up for a few years for that much and do away with traffic problems all together.
The helicopter picks up up on the roof and takes you strait to the front lawn of your mansion and vice versa.

It’d be a shitty thing if someone were to douse this side street in tire-defeating tacks every…oooh…three weeks or so?

What a bahgan!

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I-95? What’s that?

You mean 128?

"I’m in love with modern moonlight!
128 when it’s dark outside!
I’m in love with Massachusetts!
I’m in love with the radio on! "

–Johnathan Richman

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Considering I bought a condo 20ish miles outside Boston earlier this year, I know how much at least ONE condo within what I would consider easy driving distance costs.

I don’t doubt there are apartments in that range that cost $600k or higher. But that doesn’t mean they ALL cost that much.

A helicopter ride from my house to downtown Boston where I work is $900- each way. That’s $1800/day, or, $450,000/year in commuting costs.

Except when I-95 and 128 and I-93 are all the same thing.
Or, when “Southbound” on I-95 is actually going Northbound.
So there’s that.


You can buy a well-maintained 3 bedroom house on a 10k sq ft lot a 35 minute t ride outside the city in a good town for under 400k. I should know, I did it last year.

Is there a way to “unlike” this post?


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You clearly haven’t chartered a helicopter recently. Rates for a Jet Ranger in rural areas are around $1000-1200 / hour plus fuel. A quick search for a Boston-based helo charter brought up $2400 / hour plus landing charges.

So that $650k asking price would buy you about 270 flight hours, maybe 300 or more if you contracted in bulk. So maybe one year of commuting if you lived reasonably close, and then you would have to live in a place with a landing pad and also pay for transportation to and from the heliport in Boston.

Yeah, we bought a very nice one-floor condo in Watertown, an 8-mile drive from the center of Boston, for waaaay less than 600K. You can do even better in Allston or Waltham or Arlington. Not everywhere is Cambridge.

That said, my “parking space in Boston” is any convenient signpost or bike rack, so renting one for any price seems ridiculous to me.

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