A Hong Kong parking space just sold for USD664K

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Yup. Boston has one of those too.

A Hong Kong parking space just sold for USD664K

Worth every penny.

whose property markets have become a laundry for offshore black money, with anonymous trusts and numbered companies bidding up basic shelter in order to park them money that has been smuggled out of the reach of tax authorities.

Man. Those guys need to come to my town where I bought my condo in 2007.

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That’s a lot of limo rides.

What do you suppose it would cost to hire someone to drive your car to a secure out-of-town garage and drive it back when you need it?

Yes! Exactly what I wondered. Couldn’t you pay someone a generous (even a ridiculous) salary to be on-call 24 hours a day and still spend way less than this parking space cost?

Of course, that’s thinking like the Small People.

The parking space person has no interest in spending less money. It’s simply not a consideration.

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600,000 over say 30 years? 20,000 / year? $60 a day? This is a lot of money, sure, but it’s well in-line with commercial parking rates in New York.

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This is what a lot of people do already in Hong Kong, to much complaint. Their drivers take up a lot of space waiting for them near their offices or outside their wive’s shopping locations. (if that sounds sexist, welcome to Hong Kong)

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The authors of this article didn’t even contact me for an explanation.

I was thinking of visiting Hong Kong someday and figured I would need a place to park when I got there. So when I saw the ad for this parking space on Hong Kong Craigslist, I jumped at the bargain.

And now you know…


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