A particularly GenX protest: "Donna Martin Graduates"


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Despite the constant negative press Donna Martin graduates




This brings to mind the eternal debate: did Tori Spelling get the part on 90210 due to her Olivier-like acting talent or her Ava Gardner level movie-star looks?


Who is Donna Martin and what is the protest about?
And what the heck is a “high school career?”


I think that’s when you consistently get held back until you’re 35, or the administration just gives up.


A particularly GenX protest

Are they GenX-ers, or Baby Boomers playing GenX-ers? That “You sound like Spiro Agnew” line would have been dated even in the nineties.


Her name is Donna Martin. Her name is Donna Martin. Her name is Donna Martin. Her name is Donna Martin…


Were sound effects involved?


I, too, regularly feel like I am being played by Baby Boomers.



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