Are you a member of The Oregon Trail Generation, the last before mainstream social media?


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wtf is a “micro-generation?” – sounds like hair splitting to me. we’re called gen x.


Yeah @Franko said. I thought GenX is pretty much in their late 20s and into their 30s by the time Friendster, livejournal, etc hit the web.


Those born in 1982 are inbetween “Gen X” and “Millennials”. They may identify with either, both , or neither. This is of course completely arbitrary, but I maintain it to be true because I want to pretend I’m “different”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Never trust mammals.


Gen X: 1960s to the early 1980s
Millennials: early 1980s to the early 2000s

So there’s a gray area.

I was born in 1976, and have always felt like Gen X referred to people older than me. They were in their 20’s and declared a slacker generation while I was still in high school.


I’ve always considered Gen X to be about not really caring when people wanted to define our generation…


The mackinaws were tough, but I preferred dolly vardens.


Shouldn’t you be part of the “Special Snowflake” generation? :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what the otters say!


I remember skipping lunch in high school to run to the library to play. No time for lunch. When I did eat, it consisted of mentos and soft pretzels. Good memories.


We may not have put our lives on social media, but we did shoot everything but the squirrels between Missouri and Oregon.


And I Died From Dysentery! ™


“Your transition from youth to adulthood may have been tough, but every moment of it wasn’t chronicled online for your mom, your crushes, your tormentors, and your future employers to see.”
I love how all of “them” whine about this as though it isn’t voluntary. No one is surreptitiously placing cameras and microphones all about the private lives of millennials and posting without their consent. They are prey to publicity because they all seek it, even at the lowest levels. Live/Die/Sword, etc.


Your Odell Lake had graphics? Why, back in my day…


Truly, it is a fine thing that I worked out so much youthful idiocy on local BBSs whose content is thoroughly lost to the ages, not to mention an Internet message board or two that failed to withstand the test of time.


I came for this and left satisfied


I’ve always considered us the generation that consumes constant awful Buzzfeed articles about growing up in the 90s and 90s sitcom TV. I am so sorry, internet.


Right age, wrong country.

We had BBC Model Bs and Masters in the computer lab, not Apple IIes


Hey now, 90’s sitcoms are still miles ahead of crappy reality TV that covers the landscape today.