A perfect penguin pun


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I don’t see the pun. Am I blind?


So many disembodied eyeballs.


Penguin Classics aren’t actually written by penguins.

Yeah, the joke needs work.


Oh I get it - penguin sounds like penguin!


The artist’s, shall we say, motor-control-challenged drawing style recalls the late, great, asphyxiatingly funny and wildly inappropriate John Callahan. (http://www.callahanonline.com)

Wondering what this artist’s reason is… Aha! On her Tumblr (http://rubyetc.tumblr.com/tagged/faq), which is actually quite charming, she says a bunch of irony-free things like: “Aha! as an artist I really enjoy not being able to draw and having no skills in art.” I like it a lot better already.

Here’s the essential Callahan panel:


Yeah, people always get offended at Callahan’s poking fun at people with disabilities, until they realize that Callahan is a quadriplegic.


Time to call in the punguins.


Now that’s a pun!

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