TOM THE DANCING BUG: Meet the Super-Fun-Pak Comix Cartoonists


I had to look up what a pinsetter is. Yikes.

I’m pretty sure Bill Keane actually made a pasghetti joke at least once (and probably multiple times).


And if you do a poor job as a pinsetter, they used to set Daniel Day Lewis loose on you:

There will be blood on the bowling balls!

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Why is this not showing up on I had to use the search function to find today’s superfunpack. The redesign is screwing you.


Read boingboing the way the really cool people do, by going to instead.


Surely you mean “on your RSS feed”.


I agree, but I feel the current setup is unfair to Rubin, and wanted to point it out to him.

Haha an awesome look behind the scenes of SFPC! Next time maybe we’ll get to see the bio of Uncle Cap’n, or the guy who draws Doug. Or perhaps even the creator of Percival Dunwoody or Darthfield!

No, I think Bolling’s point was to feature the lives of artists whose works don’t appear very often in super fun pack comix, if at all.

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Are you kidding? These guys are regulars! How can you not have seen… wait, have you only been reading the front page of Super Fun-Pak Comix all this time?


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