A person in a dream co-authored a math paper

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That’s sad and beautiful. Maths seems to demand a lot of its cartographers.


It’s about time astral beings get their due! Ramanujan frequently said “The Goddess gave me answers” but she’s not listed once!


I have perhaps one story of a pretty intense deja vu moment i experienced but talking about dreams is also a good excuse for me to post a screencap of a retelling of an old dream of mine i happen to have handy. I can recount the deja vu experience as well if there’s interest…


But what is the network topology linking the dream-vision to Paul Erdős? Or Kevin Bacon?

August Kekulé had strange dreams too


So in that dream, a simulacrum of yourself is behind you?!

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Something wearing my face :skull:

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What a sad message to a missed friend. Depression sucks.

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I was told there would be no math. Also, if you want to have a lot of fun with your dreams, 5HTP is a simple supplement you can buy pretty much anywhere. 1 capsule right before bedtime produces some CRAZY vivid dreams. Has something to do with increasing the bloodflow to the brain I think.

This comment reminds me of a Batman The Animated Series episode (or maybe Batman Beyond) where he realizes he’s trapped in a dream when he looks at a clock and notices that the numbers on the clock face don’t make sense. He mentions something about how numbers in dreams often don’t follow real logic, i’ve always wondered how true that is. I doubt it’s true :thinking:


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I’ve read the Thomason paper. It’s not the saddest math coauthorship I’ve seen, but linking to the other one I’m thinking of feels too ghoulish. Suffice it to say that the wife writes that she finished the joint paper the night the husband was dying.

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Well I know I always fell asleep in math class so I could totally understand how this came from a dream.
I myself may have helped write a paper while sleeping but I’m not sure, because I can’t remember if My memory of doing that was real or just a dream.

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