The mind-blowing neuroscience of hacking your dreams


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What if we could peek inside our brains and see our dreams


Just think of the advertising possibilities…


when i was in my mid-20s i started a dream journal in which i would scrawl what i could remember of any dream i was having when i woke up in the night or in the morning. after a year or so i began to be able to retain more of the details for longer and longer after awakening so i stopped writing them down. i’d love to find that journal again but i have no idea where the past 3 decades have buried it. i do recall some of the most interesting dreams, a few dreams with olfactory components, others with tactile sensations of great realism. even a few with flavors and tastes incorporated into the dream. there were also a few forays into lucid dreaming among them. i take no shame in anything i’ve dreamed, whether disgusting, violent, paraphilic, or boring. my theory has long been that dreams represent the mind debugging itself.

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So he has no ability to “hack” dreams at all, whatever that means, so let’s have a headline that says he can hack dreams. This is exactly what he spent the first half of his talk ridiculing.


Reminds me of Ursula K. Le Guin’s mind-blowing book “The Lathe of Heaven”. Science Fiction becoming Science Fact?


I don’t remember most of my dreams but I’m usually cognizant I’m dreaming. I can fly or rewind time or wake up out of the deepest of dreams. I rarely mess with my dreams, though. I let them happen however they will. It’s the one reliable way I have of telling what’s got me in a funk.

The amount that I’ve learned from them is irreplaceable.

The talk is pretty neat though I’m not sure using dreams as a sort of replacement hypnotherapy is really that advantageous compared to other ways they could condition people. Stopping terrifying dreams for people with PTSD and cPTSD … that would be amazing.


No. No it is not.

This is exactly like Todd Talks.


Come on, it’s just a poor little old TED talk – science as light entertainment. Fluffy speculation goes with the territory. ‘Someday, we may be able to fly to the moon by twiddling our toes, blah blah blah’ sort of thing. Might be part of grant-sucking procedure, but otherwise it doesn’t have a lot to do with actual working science, especially something fairly difficult like figuring out brain function.


Oh I have no beef with TED. They are sometimes woo, sometimes pretty accurate. That was satire, don’t yknow?


All I want is for these scientists to develop a pill, process or procedure that stops my wife from waking up mad at me because of something I did to her in her dream.

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