A primer on the war in Syria


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Tomahawk maker’s stock up after U.S. launch on Syria


In Soviet America, you become a president after you bomb another country.


The way the leaders of US government puke up any values they may’ve accidentally swallowed in order to make a buck…who raised these people? (Rhetorical question, natch.)

It’s beyond me personally to believe that having more money than I could possibly spend in my lifetime, that my son could never spend in his lifetime, would somehow make me a better or more secure person. I simply don’t get greed.


Greed is an easy disease to acquire and a difficult one to discard, as it manifests itself in so many different parts of our lives.


This is exactly the official US narrative. No mention of the terrorist bombings in Damascus. No explanation of who these “rebels” are.


Military engagements are not automatically the same thing as wars. Not that that makes what has been happening in Syria any better! But I am fairly certain that if the US had actually declared war against Syria, I would have heard about it.


I think they’re referring to the civil war in Syria, which is the background for the military engagement where that airstrip got bombed.


I know that; I still don’t get it. But I suspect greedy folk don’t get sincere charity/generosity, either.


Ooh, it may turn into a “police action”, but I hope not. I’d hate to see “Trump’s Police Force” anywhere, on anything.


It truly is a (project for a) New American Century. And Vox is its explainer - to a certain crowd. But then there is a voice for the neocon line on every street corner - et tu BB? Be proud that we sponsor a better class of head chopper. White Helmet Knives are sharper, you won’t feel a thing. Think we can get GasBag experts Charles Lister, Ezra Klein, and Michael Weiss to sign up for that new Ayn Rand special forces unit?


After Putin, but before congress.


Prior to this conflict, if someone had built a wargame that modeled this 5- or 6-sided war, no one would’ve found it at all credible.

What’s fascinating is that, if you look at each player, each player actually is doing what is in their self interest.

And there are so many players.


This “explanation” leaves details out in a particularly propagandist pattern.

Look how it did the following:

  • Failed to mention Syria’s religious minorities, such as the Yazadis, who are in danger of genocide at the hands of Daesh or Al-Qaeda.
  • Subtly elided the fact that the proposed bombing by the west back in 2013 would have effectively provided Daesh with an air force.
  • Blamed the government for the presence of islamists within the rebels, rather than the massive amount of external help that they got from the gulf monarchies, Turkey and the west.


The Oldest Christian Church and Christian community flourished in Syria since 48 AD.
The Assad family has always protected them, and other religious minorities.
There are huge Cathedrals, where Christians worship openly and in peace.

We know nothing about the “moderate rebels”, and what will happen to these religious minorities, if Assad is overthrown.
I suspect there will be yet another “jihad” - persecution and genocide.


We never declared war in Vietnam, and we don’t deny that it was most certainly a war.


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