Trump strikes Syria


Gee, I wonder why he talked to the press in front of a video of Darth Vader a few hours earlier?

From what the news reported just now, military targets, but we will see how this pans out. Attacking Syria is just not the end of the morass we want to get into.





Jesus fucking christ. I get up for a bit to take out trash and recycling and stuff, come back and this is happening. Sorry guys, I’ll never get up from my desk again :fearful:


This has Bannon written all over it as well as a deadly staged message to N. Korea in front of Xi.

Fuck this cowardly kabuki shit. Only taking Assad out is going to solve the Syrian nightmare.





You get what you pay for it seems.


Like we took out Saddam?

And now the nightmare in Iraq is totally solved?


…US military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.






It will just start a new nightmare.


Because nothing says ‘clear, decisive, message’ like an act of war intended to cause only modest property damage…

And, um, I’m sure someone will be digging up the appropriate congressional authorization any time now, right?


THIS. Even if he was Russia’s puppet in the region. Not having a real option to replace him with is going to leave Syria in the same mess Iraq is in though it probably is there already.


if you recall the Bunker-Buster Bomb? This was the Fili-Buster Bomb, 60 senators cruise missiles can make quite a bang.


Americans weren’t.

Further proof of where the real priority lies.


It was an attack on a specific base from which a sarin attack was launched on civilians.

Also another attack, using weaponized chlorine reportedly occurred today.

If there is any justifiable reason to use military force, it might be to prevent tyrants from gassing civilians. I am not even going to say that we need to get rid of Assad. Someone worse could replace him. But we could possibly deter him from dropping Sarin on everyone. Airbases are expensive.


Flexing muscles for the meeting with China.


Well it worked perfectly in Afghanistan… Uh, well Libya… Oh. Hmmm…