A prison visit with The Pirate Bay's Peter "brokep" Sunde


I really fail to see what’s the big deal with interoperability or what it sets out yo accomplish. The true worth of sites like Facebook, eBay, Twitter, even the Boing Boing comments is entirely immaterial, as it’s the number of connections a person made or the size of the public he can reach.

Hoping interopability will fix this is like hoping that by taking your CDs and your share of food and drink from one party will create a new one.

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I agree that you’ve failed to see what the big deal is. Interoperability would allow you to take your CDs and your share of food and drink from one party to another party, whether it’s a smaller party for just your close friends (private social network) or a different big party (Facebook to Google+ to whatever the next big thing is). Hoping your share of party items would create a new party is impossible on the internet unless there’s an open source social network software you can install and run as easily as a Wordpress blog or a hosted website that’s also interoperable with Facebook and Google+.


Perhaps he meant to say Swedish prison is a bit like copyright. I hear American prison is different.


While you’re at it you should send a letter (which is all he is allowed to receive) to Anakata as well:

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg
c/o Jens H. Jörgensen,
1567 Copenhagen

Edit: I should also add this. Fuck you media companies. I’m taking everything. Forever. Guilt=0 because your heartless corporate attitude shows you feel the same. TPB and bittorrent isn’t going anywhere you sad little shit stains so I’d say it’s time to figure out a new business model or die quietly. I’d recommend everyone watch the TPB documentary TPB:AFK (free, of course) to see how intelligent, thoughtful and well-spoken these guys are. In once scene Peter holds open the courtroom door for the scumbag lawyer working for prosecution because she’s carrying piles of legal papers. If that’s not a sign of class I don’t know what is.

Not all the books that his friends and supporters send make their way to him – they are screened for “inappropriate content” first. Other items that arrive in the mail, such as vegan candy, won’t be handed out to him until after his release, “but at least the prison has to catalogue every single thing you send me, which pisses them off”, Peter says with a wink.

Holy hell is that man going to have a lot of vegan candy waiting for him when he gets out! Now that I know the reason, I’m gonna make an effort to send him multiple shipments of the stuff.

I know I shouldn’t try to post in the middle of the night.

Let me write what I meant to express:

„Hoping interopability will fix this is like hoping that by taking your old funny remarks and your share of food and drink you already consumed from one party will create a new one.“

Nearly all the content people on social networks - including this one - create is ephemeral in nature. It’s one of the biggest bugs, actually, as making it last benefits mostly the site owners, but not the uses.

What’s lasting are the relationships these exchanges created and, to some extent, reputation. Both are not transferrable - changing groups always means having to establish new ones.

By the way, how can I export my stuff here on Boing Boing, has anyone seen how to do this?

Make sure you only send one piece of candy at a time. Ideally, only send products with very long and difficult-to-spell names just in case somebody has enter them into a database.

This is an excellent idea. I also considered finding out what the worst possible things you can say to a person in Swedish are, then design some packaging myself using those words.

As an engineer, when I immediately hear “data portability” in this context, I immediately think about really dumbed out APIs, or very simple data. I would love a decentralized system with much interoperability. (think NNTP instead of “groups”, or email instead of “messages”), but there’s no real incentive to do it. I had hopes for Diaspora, but it seemed to go nowhere.

Stop hunting whales!

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