Sign of the times: Big Tech comes together to create interoperability tool so users can move between services

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It looks like this is accessible to anyone who wants to participate (what, Apple doesn’t want to? This is my surprised face). I hope that Mastadon and Diaspora and other distributed open-source social media alternatives are looking into incorporating DTP. One of the barriers to switching services is having to leave years’ worth of data behind.


Apple is the original roach motel, whose users check in but can’t check out.

Technically, I think Roach Motel is the original roach motel.


I predict a explosive growth industry in constructing phishing scams to convince people to let some hijacked site sloooorp user data from a multitude of services, all in one shot.


Agreed, but the existence of the bad doesn’t stop this from being very, very good.

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Agreed Apple is not a ‘team’ player here and locks in more than most. But there is at least this small (regulatory-driven?) sop:

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I’ve reached out to (the group responsible for calendar data RFCs and work on interoperability) to suggest they talk to their Google, Microsoft, and other members to try to use the RFCs as the data model for calendar data.

Also, I feel like they should be reaching out to Yahoo and AOL (both owned by Verizon now?) - they may not be the platforms of the ‘popular kids’ but there’re still a lot of people with data on those platforms.

this is just getting everyone’s information with a few extra steps.

Don’t store your important data on someone else’s computer.

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