The idea behind Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data-harvesting app came from a Palantir employee, with support from Eric Schmidt's daughter


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His is NOT a new idea. U.S. defense contractors were furiously developing similar applications soon after 911. My guess is that more will data harvesting applications shake out when all this is said and done. Or perhaps never see the light of day.


That’s the part that scares me…


The con never dies - it just gets a new coat of paint.


I’ve been waiting for Theil and Palantir to show up re this Trump mess. I find it unbelievable that CA, the Mercers and Bannon are running a game with FB data, mostly to help Trump, and Peter didn’t know about it. Why did Theil show up for team Trump anyway? Did Palantir know about Flynn/Manafort/Page/Sessions and the Russians? Isn’t that the kind of thing Theil & Karp are supposed to be the best at, social network analytics?


Is this for real? Asking for your bank balance up front seems a little too on-the-nose.


I only knows what I see on the google image search. I saw one of the signs they used to have out for their “free personality tests” - but it had a copyright notice. So - 2nd best up!


Wow, how strange to find the vampire Libertarian sugar-daddy of the alt-right and technology advisor to the “president” caught up in this. Who’d’ve thought?


They tend to go all ‘turbo-laywer’ and worse at the drop of a hat, too, so that’s not surprising.


Oh Silicon Valley, you use to make video games and practical computers. Now you just create technolibertarian corporations that want to LARP Shadowrun. Thanks. /John_Green_Voice


Speaking of data harvesting and #deletefacebook, why can’t I permanently delete my BB account?


All these shadowy cybercrud companies are in bed together, as was shown in the 2011 HBGary email leaks.


exactly. Peter Thiels role in this mess is not nearly covered; a trump-supporter, a co-founder of facebook and sits since then there in the facebook-board and is the founder of palantir for fucks sake. and anybody is wondering what happend?!?


Collecting data isn’t much good when it’s wrong.


I’m about as shocked as Captain Renault; but unfortunately I can’t order that the usual suspects be rounded up.


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