Facebook warns investors to expect bigger and worse scandals than Cambridge Analytica


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This too looks like a system working as intended.




I’m still waiting for a witty retort from Oxford Analytica.


What a strange collage. Did you put that together, Cory? Why is a tiny neural-net brain being lit with a match? Is that caused by the happy nuclear explosion, or is it the trigger?


Deleting my facebook account may be the most productive and life-enriching thing I’ve ever done.

edited to add: try it. They keep everything about you anyway so you can always go back (you won’t).

edited again to add: though that’s a darned good reason by itself that you shouldn’t.


Check your browser for Facebook cookies. If you have any, then they’re still tracking you.

A quick fix to that is to add “ facebook.com” to your hosts file. (Plus the ipv6 version.)


That “neural-net brain” is Cambridge Analytica’s logo.


Let it burn. Capitalism needs a little creative destruction every now and then.


Then the "too big to fail"ers step in and fuck with natural selection.



Well, that’s not at all shocking, given what we’ve learned about how things at Facebook were operating with Cambridge Analytica. When Facebook is giving away (and selling) data the way they were (and still are), of course plenty of entities are going to being taking advantage of it, some of whom are going to be doing far more awful things with it than swing elections. I can’t even imagine all the various nefarious uses to which this data hose could be put. Given that they have highly personal information (or can extrapolate it) about people’s political opinions and romantic lives, in places where such things could get you killed, I can imagine some pretty nefarious uses.


Uh, the jury is out yet on just how bad the swinging of one particular election is going to get.


Will those other scandals also involve a company founded by Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer that seeks to undermine democracy?

Trump didn’t hire Cambridge Analytica; Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon hired Trump.


What exactly is going to burn? Cambridge Analytica was just the first disclosure or how our personal information was misused for profit and without consent. The coming conflagration won’t be capitalism burning. It’ll be our stolen information being burned to fuel it.


Reducing my friend list to <50, removing all family, and blocking about 10 people worked very well for me.


Not as such.


Not sure that it works that way inside facebook.


I’m taking an opposite approach, I’m trying to fill it with shitposts and get shadowbanned (or real banned, whatever). They wanted info, so I’m going to gorge them on the digital equivalent of Funyuns.


In a way I do that at the grocery stores with the rewards cards. They don’t use unique numbers so my PetMart card works at the QFC, etc. Not sure who gets always Jim Beam when it is on sale at Fred Meyer on sale but it isn’t “me”.