Facebook says giving Cambridge Analytica info on 50 million people wasn't a “breach.” It was a feature

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The question nobody seems to be asking is, who was CA’s “targeting team” (as they call it in the video), the organisation that “injects” the messages into websites, tweets and FB posts and ads? Is this supposed to be the Russian “Troll Farm” company or does CA have it’s own “targeting team”?

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It wasn’t a breach. It was an exploit. People have agreed to share that data and it was shared within the confines of what Facebook has allowed apps to do. Now, the decisions Facebook has made that lead to this exploit were questionable, but that’s a different story.

It’s like if a library didn’t have a limit on the number of books you can have checked out at any given time, and someone had checked out a thousand books at once. It would have been a stupid thing to allow, a bad decision on the part of the library, certainly, but you wouldn’t call it a break-in.

Nope, that actually is the story. These gesticulations about what is not the story are very sophisticated and subject-change-y, though.


I believe him on the headline, but not that he didn’t know CA had Facebook data.

He blamed any “dirty tricks” on Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL, which he described as “the British guys, old Etonians and guys from Oxford and Cambridge”.

Of course he did.


“We share your data.”
“No way, they shared my data!”

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