A profile of Moxie Marlinspike: the seagoing anarchist cryptographer who brought private messaging to millions


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His stories are most entertaining- particularly his aquatic adventures.


Additionally, having met Moxie more than a few times, he’s a great and very genuine person. I consider him a model that some of the younger hackers should aspire to be like.


As are many (tho not all - I’m looking at you DOC :wink:) from that “generation”. :thumbsup:


And once again, despite having been a print subscriber for over 15 years, I can’t read Wired’s web site because I use an ad blocker.

Fuck wired’s greedy ad staff - this may lead to me cancelling my subscription


I had no problems viewing it with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger turned on…


I use ghostery and adblocker.

The point is that I shouldn’t have to find workarounds (which I certainly could), it’s that I already pay them to support their journalism and have for a very long time. And yet that counts for zero against their potential monetizing of my online habits.


If only his hair wasn’t so… regrettable.


To their credit, they have no idea that “Web user X” is "Suscriber Y."
I don’t use Ghostery since it is managed by a corporate entity.


I think many have died on that hill. The brother is going to have the hair he wants and our opinions are just that. He probably dislikes mine if he stops to think about it. :slight_smile:


They do when you email them and ask where is my “login as a subscriber” button?

And their response is that they don’t recognize/ authorize / allow print subscribers as subscribers to the web site - unlike every other print publication I am aware of…





But but but… then pedophiles will feed heroin to our children to murder them! Won’t somebody think of the children?


Absolutely! Moxie has always come across as an incredibly interesting person, I really recommend people read his memoirs about the Anarchist Yacht Club. He directed a documentary about it, Hold Fast, that’s on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lwbHYOFD-4

Edit: Original source is on Moxie’s Vimeo actually: https://vimeo.com/15351476


Try it again using noscript as well.


Thanks for sharing that, I’d read Mike’s logs on the Pestilence but hadn’t seen that yet. :+1:

I will admit to feeling, the now all too familiar, pang of jealousy while watching that as the only time I’ve even come close to contentment since my brother passed was when I took a 14 day sabbatical to sail a 55’ around the BVI…


“the seagoing anarchist cryptographer who brought private messaging to millions” ?, and who gives a s!"$ about metadata and FOSS.“The clever rocketeer-businessman who sold our metadata and wants to see the web fragmented” would be more suitable
( from the signal-fork “libresignal” - an abandoned Signal-version based on websocket instead of Google Cloud Messaging https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/issues/37#issuecomment-217339450 ):

"I understand that federation and defined protocols that third paties can develop clients for are great and important ideas, but unfortunately they no longer have a place in the modern world. […] Everyone outside the FOSS community seems to know it, but it took actually building the service for me to come to the same understanding, so I don’t expect you to believe me. […]
It’s something we’ll probably never do again [CyanogenMod], and has fully convinced me that federated protocols are a thing of the past in this world of ours.“ (Moxie Marlinspike)

“That`s your uncle talking, Luke”

Maybe he should develope his own “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” for his “new” employer, too.
“Release the data kraken!”. I don`t trust him anymore.


I’m not sure cherry-picking quotes is going to help people get their head around what Moxie is saying.

Also: welcome to boing boing.


This guy makes me want to rethink my career choices.