A refined 90s-style operating system you can actually use

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Along the same lines, I’ve been following Haiku for a while now and it’s come a long way!

For those of you who remember BeOS, that’s what Haiku is all about.

I use it in VMWare. It has its quirks but for a lot of things it’s pretty usable.

Apparently even Blender works on it?


I feel like there’s one thing in modern UI design that’s been a failure and that is the lack of accessibility to programs. Like it’s great that they got scaling UI and font support but they took away so many other things in the trade. Menus are harder to organize as they try to funnel users into searches rather than supporting menu organizing AND search. This is especially true on Windows 10. It’s really annoying.


My computer boots in Windows 10 for security, but I do 95% of my work in a Windows 7 VM mimicking the W7 installation which took me about five years to tune and curate the UI to exactly what I want.


i think it’s interesting how much it is that the ui basically becomes the operating system

linux sounds like it’s maybe a little different with various windowing systems running on the same os under the hood. but with macos and especially windows… the visuals seem inextricably linked with what the os does.

there’s themes like dark mode or whatever, but no fundamentally different gui that still lets you run all the same programs


When I saw this I was totally expecting a X window manager. Not a full kernel / os stack capable of running gcc.

I’m really impressed on how much they got working in such a short amount of time. I guess that’s what happens if you don’t have to comply with standards.

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