A roadmap for AI policy questions

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Of all the sci-fi and fantasy made in the last 100 years or so, I honestly think Star Wars comes the closest to getting it right:

  • Don’t give the AI the same rights as other sentient beings.
  • Don’t connect the AIs to a network.

I’d like to to think that the Jedi rose in a jihad against the machines a la the Dune prequels (*shudder*) and that they have such a blasé attitude toward machine slavery because they have a sort of generational memory of the rise of the machines 5000 years previously or something.

As a software developer, it makes me giggle to think that computers might one day destroy humanity. Have you ever read the code that goes into modern software? We’re fortunate it functions at all.

Also there is the small obstacle of figuring out how to make something that is the textbook definition of deterministic be creative. Machine sentience is going to require some new kind of computing that has not been invented yet.

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