A Series of Unfortunate Questions for Daniel Handler

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I brought my kids to a book signing for his book The Dark (coauthored with illustrator Jon Klassen). The little girl in line in front of us asked if her copy could be signed to her teacher, Mrs. Nels. Daniel looked shocked. “Not THE Mrs. Nels? The one who kidnaps children?” The girl, taken aback, said “She doesn’t do that!” He leaned forward and whispered, “She starts in the spring…”

It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


That’s Our Daniel! Spectacular. Thanks, as they say in born-again circles, for sharing.

That was a great interview, thank you.

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“I’ve signed many books ‘to a future orphan’ and there are apparently many parents who think their children would rather hear that their parents will outlive them.”

Oh, man. (pause) That’s- that’s a bold move, Mr. Handler!

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