Pre-order a signed first edition of Walkaway, which got a starred review in Booklist today!


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I’m very excited about this book, Cory.

Do you know when an audio version might be available?


I’m excited to read it! May we all survive to see April 25.


Hey Cory, Will there be an audio book?


Are you also going to put this one up for free on your website?

Whatcha Readin'?

Cheers, just pre-ordered! I don’t see a list anywhere obvious, but any chance Philadelphia (or perhaps Baltimore) will be one of the lucky 20 cities you’ll visit?


Simultaneous with the print edition - features Wil Wheaton, Amber Benson, Amanda Palmer and others!


Nope - it’s going to be DRM-free, though!

Whatcha Readin'?

The tour hasn’t been finalized yet, but it doesn’t look like this time (but I’ll be in NYC!)


Wonderful! I’m looking forward to that. I really enjoy Wil Wheaton’s narration.


Is there a better place to pre-order if I’m in Europe? I remember with one of your previous books I pre-ordered a signed copy from the UK, will that be possible again?


Amber Benson!!!


it’s going to be DRM-free

I pretty much assumed that. It would have been… awkward otherwise.

Excuse my nosiness, but I’m curious about your book deal. If you can, would you share what rights you sold and what rights you retained? When your book goes out of print, do you regain any rights? Were you surprised by either how important certain rights were to your publisher or conversely how little they valued other rights (I’m thinking audio, ebook, etc…)?


Sometimes I envision a world where instead of novelizing sex, authors would just replace that whole section with a phrase like; "then they had sex."
Maybe it’s just me.




Nope, usual rights – ebooks, print, Canada/US.

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