Now in the UK! Pre-order signed copies of the first edition hardcover of Walkaway, my first adult novel since Makers

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@doctorow: Will there be an offer like this for the rest of Europe (ha, at least for now the UK can still be considered part of it, but I digress) or should I just order it from there now? The postage isn’t too bad, but I’d prefer a more local option if possible.

Other stores in the EU can certainly order it – I imagine they’ll stock it at the American Bookstore in Amsterdam, for example – but I haven’t heard about any. That ISBN is for the limited signed edition, so you can get 'em to order for you:

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Where can I preorder this in Germany?

Makers was the best book I read that year. Inspiring. Bring it on!!!

But where can I get a signed ebook?

(kind of kidding, but sadly I don’t really have room for hardcovers anymore unless they are bound in human skin and printed with radioactive ink)

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