I signed 2,800 copies of Walkaway, my next novel, and you can pre-order now!

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Glad to hear it, I’ve enjoyed your books so far. But April 25th is nearly 6 months away. Is it typical to open pre-orders this far in advance?


I’ll be looking forward to this.
I prefer A to YA… by a lot.


I don’t know. The synopsis sounds very Terry Goodkind-ish. Since it’s Cory, and I’ve liked his books in the past… maybe. If I picked this book up of a shelf and it was by an author I was unfamiliar with, it’d be a hard pass.


Since he’s pre-signing sheets that will actually get bound in, I’m guessing this is like a mini-first run for which they can decide how many books to print for the 2nd run (non-signed 1st run) based on how fast this pre-order sells out (even if they are all done about the same time). shrug

Very different from the usual case where the author signs them after printing, isn’t it?


Interesting. You gotta admit though, a limited-edition version of a novel about post-scarcity is pretty funny.

I take the PDF and skip the portable tree :wink:


I was going to do what I usually do and download it for free (thanks Cory!), read a couple pages and drop it. Reading the synopsis saved me a little time.

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Yes! As soon as the ISBNs are assigned, the books are added to the databases of the major online retailers. In this case, because it’s a limited edition (the signed copies actually have their own ISBNs), I thought it would be worthwhile to let people know, as these are a “while supplies last/first come-first served” sort of deal.

These signed editions are a recent, but growing phenomenon. They have a few important advantages:

  1. They offer indie booksellers and Barnes and Noble a way to differentiate themselves from Amazon (who don’t usually take any of the signed copies, for whatever reason) – “Pre-order from your local indie and get a limited, signed copy!”)

  2. Because they’re pre-sold, they all ship on day one in one big batch, guaranteeing a 2,800 copy bump on launch-day, which counts towards your bestseller ranking – which is, itself, self-fulfilling (making the Indiebound or NYT lists triggers big orders from all of the bookstores in the country, because those books are generally put on a display table in a stack, and/or faced out on the new release/bestseller section – which makes the books more visible and more likely to be sold, further boosting the book’s rank in the bestseller charts – lather, rinse repeat).

To my knowledge, the sales of the limited edition don’t influence the print run size. That’s more determined by the total orders from booksellers (new release orders are placed well in advance) and the author’s history.

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Ordered even though I preordered on kindle.

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