Pre-order my novel Walkaway and get a pocket multitool


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But the important thing here is the multitool! Does it come with a weapons grade ceramic coating ?


Moar stuff with my pre-order of 2016-11-03!?!



I pre-ordered a signed copy already. Does this get added to it?


The thing I like about Tyler at Cha-O-Ha is that he’s taking relatively standard products (like Paracord Bracelets), maximizing material quality, AND adding features. It’s a nice combination.

Anyhoo, this seems like a good opportunity to start reading Cory’s work, tool or no.


What’s with the numbering on the hex wrenches? That’s not an SAE standard, and metric doesn’t sound likely when the tool includes an inch ruler. Also, a 2mm hex wrench seems improbable


Those reviews make the anticipation I have for finally reading it rise even higher :dizzy_face:


I’ve read it. It is pretty good but very Doctorow.


If you send 'em your receipt!


…unless you live in Quebec!!! I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but this little clause in their ‘official rules’ makes me feel not so special anymore. Come on… I have a hard enough time being a British person living in a province where the official language is (a variation of) French, I don’t need to have my hopes dashed at the last minute like this with gadgetry goodness slipping through my geographically relocated fingers.
But… I have had the book on order since November so am obviously looking forward to reading it regardless of any trinkets that do or do not arrive with it.
(I still am of the opinion that ‘Someone comes to town, Someone leaves town’ is the best of your adult novels.)


I’m sorry about that!

Tor doesn’t distribute my books in Canada; that’s the (most excellent) Raincoast – so Tor is only supplying these to people in the territory where they distribute.

But I’m grateful for your pre-order and thank you for your kind words about SCTT,SLT.


It’s not that discriminatory… the rest of Canada can still get the tool with their pre-order, just so long as you are not living in the province of eternal poutine (Quebec always has to be different!)


I was gonna hold out but it included a 2600 mAh USB power brick so I leapt at the chance!
pre-ordered (no seriously, preordered for reals)
I’ll give the multi-tool to my son, he’ll love it

I haven’t read a physical book in many months, should be a challenge!



Looks the same as the multitool thats already in my wallet. Oh well.


Is there any way to pre-order a DRM-free ebook? I went through all the sellers, but they all seem locked in? If not, I’ll just pay for the hardcover and donate it to my library when I’m done, but I thought I would ask.


Meaning I probably wont enjoy this one either. I’ve tried a few times but just cant get into Doctorow’s fiction.


I preordered the audiobook on audible. Am I out of luck :slight_smile:


An inch ruler? Really?


I don’t think its actually meant to be used for anything. But here’s an idea. How about a small rectangular ruler which you can walk along a line, measuring the distance? It could be 20 by 40mm giving it 120mm for a full rotation.


I think someone else proof reads it.