EDC card, a multitool that fits in your wallet

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Jinkies! For something that would spend 98% of its time in my wallet, I’d be quite happy to do without the “weapons grade” coating and its “discreet look” and save $75.

Also, is there anything that is truly “TSA-safe” these days? I’m sure they could find a reason to confiscate something like this on sight.

Now that holiday season is upon us, does anyone have a particular opinion on the best economically-priced wallet tool of this nature? (Something you won’t have to panic about if it gets lost or damaged?) There seem to be so many of them.


I can use this with my super-high-tech sack to carry $1,000,000 (Which I do, all the time!)

I’m also glad to see this has been made with ergonomics in mind. My fingers look forward to gripping this while loosening stuck bolts.

I also like that they’ve etched a imperial ruler onto a side that isn’t straight. So that’s useful.

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I think I’d rather spend less than that and get a hundred of them from the TSA: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Lot-11-in-1-Multi-Tool-cards-wallet-thin-pocket-purse-outdoor-survival-camp-/111621376379?hash=item19fd27097b:g:6IAAAOSwo0JWNfog

I figure they’ll catch about half of them, so this should last at least 200 flights.


Buy them in bulk from the TSA auctions. They won’t be TSA safe (in fact, proven not to be!), but be inexpensive enough that you won’t really care all that much.

Not a wallet tool, but a keychain one that is very useful and has no moving parts is the Gerber Shard. You can find it pretty cheap ($5). Bottle-opener, 2 sizes of flathead screwdriver, 1 phillips screwdriver, and works as a mini-prybar.

Proof that Poe’s Law can apply to actual physical objects as well as to internet postings.

(Referring to the description on the linked site. I get the irony in Rob’s writeup.)

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