Leatherman's new wearable multi-tool



Hmm. But don’t you need a screwdriver to get to the link that has a screwdriver on it? I guess it’s all held together with a catch 22! Get it?

I like the idea of having all these tools handy, but I question the functionality of using these kinds of tools without any leverage - if you don’t have a handle, how can you possibly turn a nut that’s even a little tight?And I think it falls in to the whole “tactical” trend of making every thing on one’s body capable of killing someone or defusing a bomb. Which is useful for some folks I guess, but not for most of the people I see who wear those ridiculous paracord bracelets.


Is anyone else wondering how comfortable that would be to wear on your wrist?


Available in summer. Which means by September, TSA will have boxes of confiscated watchbands at their checkpoints.

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Looking at the design, the tools are either built into the link, or are angled into the gap between them. Rather than disassemble the entire bracelet for the tool on one link, it looks like the intended use involves flattening the bracelet so that the right tool sticks out and then using the rest of the bracelet as a handle for torque.

I still wonder about comfort though.

…and I am pretty sure it will still be liable to be confiscated at security because obviously only criminals need screwdrivers.


There’s a thing I saw on BoingBoing you can put on your keyring that looks like a key but is really a knife. I think it’s a lot more likely to get past security than this thing, which looks like a punk rocker’s studded bracelet.

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This one?

This skeletool? Because wherever you stand on “letting people bring knives into Disneyland,” it’s hard to argue that this thing does not constitute a knife.

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I find multitools really useful, but are people really planning to, I don’t know, assemble IKEA furniture while inside the gates at a Disney theme park?


Shortly post 9/11 I had the same thing happen, they stuck my Leatherman in a airport style locker.

Some people bring guns…


Haven’t you heard of Spontaneous Unauthorized Repairing? It’s the hottest trend since yarn bombing and guerrilla gardening.



A Skeletool has a 4" locking knife blade built into it. I’m all for stealth tool EDC stuff - I own collar stays with bottle openers built into them and lots of other things that make me feel like James Bond when I get all fancy - but redefining a Skeletool as not a knife because it’s a knife AND ALSO PLIERS is fucking idiotic.

(edit to say that I agree with the cited post, tone aside; I just wasn’t expecting the quoting function to be that smart/dumb.)

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Just like a Gerber or a Leatherman - It is never the right tool, but it is the right now tool.

Cute (in a punk rock kinda way) but I have a hard enough time wearing my Fitbit, much less anything with that much weight.

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This is just unfair, I too was turned away at Disneyland when they discovered this in one of my bags:

The security person explained that no firearms were allowed in the the park, and I was all like; “BRO, IT’S NOT A GUN, IT IS CLEARLY A MULTI-TOOL! WHAT IS THIS? COMMUNIST CANADA? DON’T TREAD ON ME, BRO!” Plus its not like I was ever really going to use the gun, much anyway. The point is I barely use the gun because it’s accuracy sucks, plus .22 doesn’t have much stopping power… The police seemed to be agreeing with me as they put the cuffs on, so it looks like I won that argument.


I believe it was started by the plumbers in Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’.

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Previously on BoingBoing:

A multitool changes your perceptions of the world. Since you lack your previous untooled learned-helplessness, you will slowly find yourself becoming more capable and more observant.

From Bruce Sterlings Last Viridian Note. A wonderful piece of writing I return to every so often. It got me in the habit of carrying a multi-tool and now I feel a little naked without one. I’ll consider the tread, but I’m not sure. I often carry the leatherman in my backpack rather than on me, and while the backpack comes most places, it does not come everywhere. This could be a nice fallback tool. I wonder if one of the links is a bit socket. The bit-kit is really what takes my leatherman over the top in terms of usefulness.

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They once tagged me for my pocket knife at Disney. I had to lock it up in this little post office box looking thing.

This is the same company that once had a show about a guy who killed a bear when he was only three.


The trick is to slap a couple of Mickey Mouse stickers all over the thing and claim you purchased inside the park.