This accessory is perfect for conquering a wide range of odd jobs both indoors and outdoors

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Slot-headed screwdrivers are prone to suddenly slipping out of the slot, especially any slot they do not fit perfectly. So, what an excellent idea it is to design one where the side of the screwdriver is a sharp cutting blade.


But walking around with a blade in your pocket all day simply isn’t practical (or safe) for most of us.

Um, whut? I dig the leather strap gimmick (although not the tool setup) but what’s so impractical or unsafe with carrying most pocket tools around? My Leatherman Micra is a great key fob (with real scissors!) and my Rebar, while probably not appropriate for skin-tight clothing or teeny pockets, isn’t unsafe or particularly inconvenient to carry in a pocket, as well.

With just those 2 tools, I have repaired cars, fixed computers and consumer electronics, and crimped blasting caps, as examples of use cases. The Micra is also a pretty good pipe/dab tool, as well.

Note: The Rebar is a remake of the original Leatherman Tool, which was designed for rebar work, not leather; “Leatherman” is actually the inventor’s name :slight_smile: . The differences are a replaceable hard-wire cutter (which will eventually chip; it’s a nice feature), every tool in the pliers’ handles now locks, and the 2 cutting blades are made out of much better steel.

The Rebar is smooth (won’t snag in a pocket or chew on your bits ^^’) and just about the right size for a pocket tool, in my opinion. Much like the original Leatherman Tool, you can sit on it in your back pocket without noticeable discomfort, an important test.


Meh. I’ll stick with one of my lovely pocket clip Spydercos. Contrary to the suggestion in the ad, they’re completely unobtrusive, I’ve never had a problem taking them anywhere but a courthouse or on an airplane, and the latter are not going to accept that wrist-band thing either.

The same guy who though people will pay 25 USD for a small knife + tiny screwdriver on your wrist.

Aehm, leather strap? more like animal suffering strap! where is the vegan option then?
I’m actually partly kidding in that the whole contraption is (obviously) reinventing something that’s been finished for more than a hundred years, and is IMO not doing a good job at it.
Thus, I don’t need a vegan option.

Edit: ‘Finished’ in that before WW1 multi purpose folding knives that included a flathead screwdriver, blade and other things, were already common.

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How is this huge thing on your wrist more “discreet” than a much more useful Swiss Army Knife (SAK) in a pocket?

I haven’t time right now to list the other ways a SAK is better. Let’s just say all of them.

For bonus points, design one where the blade folds.

Here’s a handy screwdriver that fits in a wallet. The smallest tip will fit a #2 Phillips, although not well.

Coachman’s knives date at least from the early 19th century, and probably earlier. As you say, the general configuration was well-established even then.


They should redesign slightly and rebrand for us ladies - who are often denied pockets.



Want now!


X-All-The-Y__Buy ALL the multitools!


But could you really conquer Oddjob with your multi-tool? I mean, he has much more range.


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