One of these trusty multi-tools or pocket knives could be a virtual lifesaver

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Fry & Laurie__No multitool but Berwhale


But which of these multitools should we buy?

So they could save my life but only in Virtual Reality?

Or one, but you don’t say which specific one, could almost save my life, but not quite?


I buy several Gerber Shard tools at a time. I’ve been carrying one of them on for 6+ years, though I typically have mine plus one more on my key-chain, giving the newer one away as impromptu gifts, rewards, tips and the like. Super handy tool and (so far) TSA doesn’t give it a second look.

About $5 - $7 depending on finish and the day to day insanity of Amazon’s pricing bots.

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X-All-The-Y__Buy ALL the multitools!


Is there a more badass a feeling than knowing you’ve got a blade hanging around your neck?

Mmm… maaayyybbeeeee…


The Geekey looks like a fun little tchotcke, but only if it was a third of the posted price. That knifepen thing is fucking stupid.

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Originally $10.99, now only $10.99!

Unfortunately the multitool I’m after isn’t here. I need a combination:

  • Metric trepanning bore
  • Filleting knife for my chicken sashimi
  • Robertson screwdriver
  • Nose hair trimmer
  • Spork

That sounds overly demanding. Surely in the sort of life-or-death situation we’re considering here, a filleting knife could trim nose hairs just fine.

That’s what the little tweezers in the Swiss army knives are for.


I don’t think most of these are practical, but likely sell well because they are “cool”.

I have one of thise credit card thibgs (and a simikar one innplastic". I carry one of them around in one bag, but have nwver used either.

Thwre’s a “Swiss Army” branded credit card like multitool, except the bits slide out. I have a clone, a present. Haven’t really used it either. The knife might be useful if sharpened, but nkt a real handle to hold it, so limited use.

These are like “survival knives”, selling well but not real.useful.

For a long time I carried a Swiss Army knife, a Champion since 1980. But may be ten years ago I switched to a Gerber multitool. I rarely use either, but at least they aren’t gimmicks, and have yseful handles.

I have a tiny Swiss Army knife on my keychain, for maybe six years. Kind of small, but the knife is handy for many things, qmd I don’t worry about scaring someone. Scissors and toothpick/tweezers.

Last.fall I got a miniBuck knife, the knife is sharp and it’s small with a longer handle for leverage. I worry that the plastic gphandle won’t standup over time. But I think I may start carrying that.

Man, I must be a weirdo. Standard small pocketknife for daily carry, and an old Leatherman tool in my backpack…

Can’t imagine that 1/2 of these are even remotely practical…


I had a look at the Geekey, and here’s the top critical review on Amazon ✭✭✭✩✩

Bottom line: the pipe is useless, the rest is meh.


Someone gave me one of those “credit card survival tool” things a while back, and it’s been relegated to a drawer. The steel’s shit (or at least the heat treat is), and it’s so weird and unwieldy that it’s practically useless.

A single locking blade pocketknife is far more useful. Add to that an actual multitool for variety, and you’re good to go. TBH, I’m not super fond of the leatherman either. It’s really kind of like always having not quite the right tool for the job, but it works in a pinch, and I like having a small decent quality file and wire cutters handy.


Really the best place for such awkward things. I think mine is in a storage box of re-giftable stuff that isn’t actually good enough to re-gift to people I like or to donate to charity.

I’d add that I have a dislike of sharp things that lack a sufficient handle to use safely, and I don’t like portable sharp things that either don’t safely fold the sharp bits away or come with a safe, usable sheath.

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It’s what I carry at work. In a mailroom. We have to cut stuff open all the time.

My extreeeeeeemely knife-phobic boss is all “I get nervous seeing you with that [CRKT Pilar, it’s less than 2” and has a modified sheepsfoot blade], why don’t you just use your keys for cutting stuff?"

“Because I want my keys to unlock things. Using them as box openers will make them work less and less well as keys.”


Same reason I don’t use my knife to unlock doors?


I have a gerber shard for that kind of thing. I banned myself from having pocketknives because I have a history of self harm, so most multitools are also out.

It’s not as good as a knife, but it is better than keys