Machine Era's multitool is reduced to the essentials


No knife = not a very useful multitool.


I bought one! No knife=don’t have to remember to remove it before flying.


If I had to sacrifice a P-38 can opener to TSA, you stand a fair chance of losing this, too.

Speaking as someone with a toe in the water of this industry, I am tired of “bottle opener” being included in every single one of these so-called multi-tools. Bottle openers are the low-hanging fruit of multi-tools, since you can open a bottle with literally any flat piece of metal.

I’m pretty skeptical of claims that these work as pry bars as well. How much leverage can you possibly get with a tool slightly larger than your thumbnail?

Also, these guys missed the chance to incorporate an unusable hex wrench where the hole is. This fad for worst-tool-for-the-job, not-a-knife multi-tools is played out.


I don’t know. It looks very good at ripping apart those annoying flaps on the inside of pants. :wink:


Imperial measurements? Really?


Good enough for Vader, good enough for me.


The tool has both.

Hrm, what about a multi tool in the shape of a key?

Why, hello!

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Fortunately there is no way that concealing a blade could ever complicate things.

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But next time I’m sitting in my airplane seat and realize I need to measure and fix a part of the plane, Im going to be crazy satisfied that I took the risk to get my multi tool onboard.


In that case, try the Gerber Artifact?
( )

Evil needs Imperial, “I’ll flog you to within 25.4mm of your life!” really doesn’t work.


They could have included something to jam the reclining mechanism on the seat in front of you.


I had one of those for a while. The tool was so small that it was difficult to deploy the X-acto blade without cutting myself. Also, I never found anything to pry where the prybar was a better option than my fingernails (either my fingernails were good enough, or I needed a significantly better tool).

There are a whole lot of those out there, but they’re basically the equivalent of no tool at all. Plus, I have no need to sneak tools onto planes.

The Leatherman Wave is a proper multi-tool. These little flat doo-dads are basically bottle openers with bad ergonomics.

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I use a leatherman skeletool, which is the best combo I’ve found so far. It’s a lot lighter than other similarly sized tools, and it has a decent-sized blade that can easily be opened with one hand, so I don’t need a separate pocketknife.

I am looking for a multitool that doesn’t have a knife, because of a habit of self-harm in the past. Not this one though, I prefer my Gerber Shard.


I found my skeletool, which used to be on my keychain, is just too damn big to carry in my pocket every day. I went to a squirt until TSA took it from me last summer.