MyKee titanium multi-tool key: change the way you do things everyday with this 18-in-1 multipurpose tool

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I think you’ve advertised this before.


I like my Utilikey better, because the blade is protected when it’s closed.


Er, if can handle tasks that require no tool other than your fingers like “can opening” and “lottery scratching”, does it possibly qualify as a “nose picking” tool as well? Might be a 19th capability, who knows?
But I really like the “semi sharpness”! That´s right, move over dull kitchen knive, you just ain´t semi sharp enough!

Seriously, for a news outlet that takes pride in uncovering all kinds of shadyness this is a bit much snake oil for a key-shaped shim. Last week you advertised a nano drone, an identical knock-off of a popular toy that can be purchased for less than half on Amazon/ebay.

Editors, I thought you wouldn´t drink the cool-aid!


18-in-1 seems to rely on one’s ability to poke different things with the same part.

Anyone ever had problems flying with this kind of thing on a key ring? I once had to dump a perfectly useful 3/8" hex key because a security man seemed to think there might be a hex bolt in the middle of the plane which would make the wings fall off. Last time I flew I transferred my Leatherman mini tool to the hold baggage to avoid faff, but I wonder if I needed to.


When people say “can opener”, I usually imagine a different activity than what’s displayed in that photo…


Stay purrepurred – without rocking a tool belt. The multipurrpose MyKee
may look like a simpawle key, but can open boxes, pop tags, peel
vegetables, remewv stapawles, work as a screwdrifur and wrench, and
open, pop or cut just about anything else you need on the fly. That’s
right, mewv ofur Swiss Army Knife. This Grade 5 titanium supurr-tool is
crazy strong and wear-resistant, so it really can go the distance…


Try keeping a sharp kitchen knife in your pocket. It’s not fun.

I imagine the dullness gets in past airport security,

I need to find mine.

I also had never considered peeling a carrot with it or any other multi-tool.

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Those multi-hex-opening tools are rather useless on actual stuff that needs fixing. Perhaps if the 8mm wrench was open-end, then it could have a 19th use as an SMA connector wrench. That’s something that I actually need now and then in my line of work (radio astronomy). Or if it were 11/32", then it could be handy at a Vex Robotics competition.

Carrot peeler? Really? I think they’re grasping for activities because in my entire life I’ve never wanted to peel a carrot outside of a kitchen.

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Stick it in your pocket and peel some carrots. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties!

I’m like that with the need some people have to carry knives with them everywhere. Hiking and camping notwithstanding, I’ve never really come across anything that needed cutting outside of my home or office where there are, you know, knives.

But it’s grade 5 titanium! Grade Five.


Seriously? When I had a pocketknife I used it several times a week. Opening packaging, cutting tape, prying apart stubborn components, idle whittling…I really need to get another one.

Regarding your examples, I haven’t found the typical office to contain all that many knives, actually. Ditto for coffee shops, libraries, other people’s cars, etc etc.

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Holy cow, what a ripoff. Half of the uses are poking or prying which could be an almost infinite number of “uses” and could be performed by many random household objects. $22 for a key that inefficiently loosens a few hex screw sizes is stupid.

I carry a knife at pretty much all times, unless I’m in an airport or secure facility. I use it mostly for prying at stuff, picking apart things, scratching surfaces, scraping gunk off of things. Basically I use it like a fingernail most of the time. Because I chew my fingernails so badly that they’re useless for things like getting under the pull-tab of a can, or scraping at anything.


I find multiple uses for a knife daily. But then, I like doing things.

yeah…it isn’t 18 tools in 1…it has a few tools that they thought of 18 uses for, like “lottery ticket scratching”, and “pop can opening”. color me unimpressed.

MyKee doesn’t like it.

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Man you gotta stop being so nervous. I have something for that.