Minimalist moneyclip pocket knife


Is it really fair to call that “free shipping” for the $12.37 version sold through “Stealth Rabbit” when Amazon proper has the same item for $9.91 (with free shipping with $25 orders)? It’s pretty clearly just bundling the cost of shipping in with the sticker price.

One of the best tools I own. Very handy. Fits right in that small jeans pocket.

Why didn’t they include a small hole so you could attach a keychain to it?

Any recommendations for a similar tiny razorblade knife that could attach to a keychain?

Good point

Meh. For the same price or a bit cheaper, it is possible of getting folding one with a handle that is actually good.

That handle is not going to be comfy or safe to use.

There are several variants made by Kobalt that appear to be about $6-$10 at Lowes that have locking handles and keychain attachment possibilities.

I recommend getting a “lock back” version where it locks open and you have to depress along the back to fold it; having something as sharp as this suddenly fold up is not a good thing.

Because you never know when you’ll be out in the middle of nowhere and suddenly find yourself with a need for crafting and boxcutting, amirite?

Money clip + knife doesn’t strike me as a good combo. Every time you want to use it you’ll wind up having to pull all of your money out of the clip, or deal with an awkward wad of cash and cards attached to the handle of your knife. I’d also want to make damn sure the thing stays firmly locked in place when closed. Nothing would ruin your day quite like a razor blade loose in your pocket.

If your need it really sharp (like for slicing a splinter out of your fingertip), keep a small ceramic stick handy to touch up those razor blades.

And for box cutting, I like the smallest 12" Tramontina machete.

In my opinion the boxcutters that use single-edge safety razor blades (aka “GEM” blades) are better for cutting carboard, tape and leather. They stay sharp much longer because the blade’s thinner, and refills are cheaper, too. For cutting drywall, though, the ones that use thicker, pointy utility knife blades are better. (I just use a utility knife for that.)

I have my favorite kind of boxcutter in my pocket right now, which I just noticed says “Handi-Kutter” on it. The company’s changed their product name to “Nifty Kutter” at some point but they are still in business.

If you’re active they wear out on the folded metal edge after many years of banging against your pocket change. Some people prefer these kind, which have a steel casing and last much longer, but I find them more likely to creep open in the pocket:

Both kinds are available as promotional items, with whatever you want stamped into the aluminum or painted on the steel.

Edit: substitute .png images for gif/jpgs, add Nifty Kutter brand name.

@Bloo it does have a lock, although it’s of a kind I haven’t seen before; you have to move a small spring in the handle to one side to close it.

I’ve owned one for about a year, and I like that it’s pretty much the smallest package you can put a regular utility blade into.

However, I get no love from pocketknife fanatics. I guess utility knives, even innovative and small ones, just aren’t cool.

I’ve used these knives for years and have given out a bunch of them. The newer slightly larger one is not nearly as pocketable. I prefer keeping a serrated utlity blade in mine for most tasks. The locking mechanism works great. The whole money clip aspect I dont agree with. Its a good pocket clip but that’s about it. Its much too stiff for a money clip. But I’ve never used a money clip anyway.

I’ve had one, and I like them, but the clip breaks off easily. I use Lenox Gold titanium nitride blades, super sharp. I use a sharpening stone to take the burr of the back of the blade, so it doesn’t hurt as much if I cut myself.

Not a replaceable blade, but I had the Peck Razor by Columbia River Knife on my keychain for quite a while.

The pictured knife actually does lock open.

I’ve had two of these knives. Valuable asset during my recent home renovations. Since the blade is replaceable, I could use it without worry for anything I needed—from cutting VCT tiles to cleaning the grout lines. I would still be using the first knife had I not forgotten that I had it in my pocket when I tried to go through air port security. I tossed it in the trash only to be reminded by my wife minutes later that I could have just thrown away the blade…

This is similar to my Utility Blade iPhone Case designed for 3D printing:

I wouldn’t call that a money clip, but rather a belt clip. IMO. Sure you could stick money in any pocket/belt clip on a knife but would it be cool to whip it out to pay for your groceries.