Gerber's money clip/utility knife


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Never been a knife carrier. I just don’t encounter things that need cutting often enough (other than at home or at work) where there are, you know, knives. Camping is the only meaningful exception for me.

But this looks a cute thing.

@doctorow: I use this folding utility blade by Gerber as a money clip. The great thing is that the blade swaps out for a new, razor sharp utility blade whenever it gets dull using just a penny or dime as a screwdriver. At a TSA checkpoint? Just dump the utility blade, et voila, no more knife, but you get to keep your sweet Gerber gear.

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carry that thing in the UK -> straight to jail for you my son!

Looks like Cory would be in trouble if caught with this in the UK, it’s not a folding knife(which are allowed if the blade is short) and also it could be classed as a disguised knife?

The TSA is incompetent and I doubt they’d find either of these knifes. However, even if you ditched the blade, I suspect that if they found the box cutter, they’d be none too pleased or rational.

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And here I thought Gerber just made baby food. It’s nice to see them expanding their market. And here’s the updated Gerber baby:

Unless he has ‘good reason’ for carrying the knife, in which case anything not specifically banned should be OK. I say ‘should be’, because different police officers and forces may vary in their interpretation of ‘good reason’ - in law it’s quite clear that occupational or hobby activities that require knives are acceptable, in practice people have gone to prison for ‘taking a camping knife when camping’. Also you have to be engaged in or going to or from the activity given as the reason - it’s no good to carry a knife on the off-chance that your chosen activity comes up, unless it is acceptable as an EDC knife - folding blade, non-locking, sub 3 inches and requiring both hands to open.

I don’t think much to Gerber, really - the number of recalls they’ve had (although they have been responsible about doing this) and their Bear Grylls tie-in, leaves me suspecting that their quality is not really up to scratch.


I’ve never been a big fan of Gerber, overall. At least not since they have been under the Fiskars banner. When faced with a choice, Gerber seems to choose form over function much of the time. I do like the MultiPlier line of multi-tools, even though Gerber’s square-sided, oddly-tipped Phillips (“cross-head”) bits do not fit many common screws that I encounter around the house. Leatherman and S.O.G. tools are much more practical for day-to-day use. I also have questions about steel quality and hardness in many Gerber products.

That said, this is a cute toy.

I’ve used a Gerber folder with a clip as a money clip for years. Post-911 I carried it on dozens of airplanes, by accident. Empty your pockets and your money looks like what it is, a money clip.

Cute. I don’t use a money clip and have an CRKT as an EDC. But I do like how it looks unobtrusive - not much bigger than a regular clip and you have the added utility.

They need to make a better concealable version (to appease the cops by slipping under their radars), made of boron carbide/nitride ceramics (to be xray-transparent) or in casing that conceals/camouflages the blade shape (same principles as visual camo apply, flavored with xray absorption physics, as the target to confuse is the operator’s eye vs the display image), to make it TSA-resistant.

Remember, what the adversary does not recognize as “bad” is not considered “bad”.

Come on. Knives are used to MURDER about 1.500 people each year in the US. We need to ban them! This is a highly-concealable knife that is perfect for sneaking into places. If we ban all knives, we will eliminate all stabbing deaths! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Yeah, I am not a huge Gerber fan. The “Bear Grylls” stuff is not, IMHO, well-made. The fixed-blade model does not even have a full tang – big sin when designing a fixed-blade knife. Still, I have owned a few Gerber products before, and they are better than no-name cheapos.

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I was just wondering if purchasing the knife included the Grow-Up Plan as a bonus.

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That’s fine, when the toys are cool.

I need to take pics and share my newest knife - more of a dagger really. It’s hand forged welded steel (aka Damascus). Not sure on how many folds it has, in fact it had less than a few others I could choose from, but it had this amazing pattern and I liked the hilt and pommel.

Now… I just need to find someone to stab in the back for quad damage.

I dunno… this looks really cool, but when I sat down and actually started reading those “copious positive reviews,” I saw a lot of seemingly valid complaints.

Ah, knife laws, always a good issue to make me angry!

People simply don’t carry enough knives. Although personally I am more of a boring classic pocket knife kind of guy.

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Huh. Even at home and at work, I encounter things that need cutting often enough that it’s worth it to have a knife in my pocket instead of having to go look for one. I carry a larger and better knife when I go camping.

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[bill arrives]
“Let me get that. I’ll just reach into my pocket and…odd…I’m sure I had more fingers than that.”

I admittedly don’t need a knife that often, but I do carry a smallish pocket knife everyday just because I like it.