A belt that won't set off metal detectors

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If this is meant literally, it would probably be worthwhile for that friend to pay for TSA pre-check…

Of course, that may not be an option for them (I think it’s nearly impossible to get approved if you have any felonies on your record, for example).

Standard belt buckles don’t set off the TSA precheck metal detector, in my experience. Maybe if you’ve got one of those crazy Texan ones, it would be a problem…


Hey! That’s my belt!

Has breezed through every detector I’ve been through. It’s a bit long, a less lazy person could easily trim it down.

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I have it.
In Europe controls ask to remove it “because it’s not a matter of what is made of”.
They do not want me to wear a belt.
Yes for the seat ones, ok also the conveyor’s, not mine.


“Fortunately, I pay for TSA Pre, so I don’t have to take my shoes off…”

Fortunately? It’s funny what passes for rational thought nowadays!


It’s funny what passes for good fortune these days!


I like reinforced nylon belts now. I love ones with Cobra buckles. You feel like a mountain climber or Delta Force putting on your jeans in the morning. It’s made in Austria. You know the Austrians make nice stuff.

But it does set off metal detectors.



I like that though. It’s all tactical 'n shit.
Like this…


I just don’t wear a belt if i know i’m going through an airport. Though i typically don’t need to wear one to begin with unless its part of the outfit. What do you have in your pockets that you absolutely need a belt on? Just curious.

Tactical spork — sweeeeet


I’m not that fond of one of their exports.


I went in a federal building (US) on Monday, they made me take it off.

PS Marks “friend” must have some monumentally stinky feet.

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Great idea, but too much slippage, I’ve found. Ratchet belts 4 lyfe!


I brought a similar belt and was asked to take it off at security. I think a tight belt can be used to hide/camouflage things between you and the belt so that they are not detected by the scanner software.

If you haven’t been asked to remove it then TSA have not being doing their job. And/or TSA have different polices at each airport.

I just don’t bother with it any more.


Nice selling point, but if you really flew all the time, you’d know there are lots of TSA agents who will make you take off your belt no matter what you tell them about it.


Hell, chances are the punk TSA agent makes you take it off anyway. I’ve been TSA PreCheck since its inception and I still get hassled about half the time going thru the detectors. I’ve been “random” so many times I can’t even hazard a guess.

It usually goes like this…

1st attempt: walks thru detector - BEEP
TSA: “Sir, remove your belt.”
Me: “But it’s leather and never set it off before…”
TSA: “Please remove your belt.”

2nd attempt: walks thru detector - BEEP
TSA: “Sir, remove your shoes”
Me: “They’re tennis shoes. there’s no metal in…”
TSA: “Remove your shoes, PLEASE”

3rd attempt: walks thru detector - Silence then BEEP!
TSA: “Sir, step over here. You’ve been randomly chosen for additional screening.”
Me: “Goddammit!”

Every. Damn. Time.


It’s almost as if they found a way to monetise queuing and control food and drink in a premium retail area rather than find ways to actually make a space more secure.

Think of all those bottles of water ditched into bins marked out for explosives. Kinda like it’s some form of revenue protection system.


My belt conceals everything.
Without it my, ahem, “assets” would be right out there in front of everybody.


My wife’s ankle beeps due to neural disruption.
No shit.

What happened at Schiphol after an unscheduled layover was… memorable for all concerned.