Cory Doctorow has a Kickstarter for an audiobook edition of the third Little Brother novel

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Thousands of self-published authors take the risk of funding an audio version for their books. Sometimes they do that with pre-orders, but still, they take the risk based on the quality of their work. I would guess that Corey already knows the audio book will sell enough to pay for its production. I’m missing the point of a kickstarter here.

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Perhaps to call attention to the issue with Audible?


Which works better than paying upfront and selling direct, how?

um, did you actually read the post and watch the video?

and as always with Cory, it comes down to his hatred of DRM and sticking by his principles no matter what


What they said.

But also… Cory has admitted his finances aren’t great at the moment what with a pandemic cancelling his speaking gigs and whatnot. He could solve that immediately if he was willing to go with audible but i admire him sticking to his principles here and finding another way. The other thing is that pre-orders for authors go a long way to showing publishers there’s a captive audience willing to buy your stuff, as he says. Anyway, great to see he’s already blown well past his goal.


Amber Benson did a great job with John Scalzi’s locked in books, I’m looking forward to this.

Audible is an Amazon company, you can understand his reluctance.

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Why isn’t Cory posting this here himself? Why are people always posting about things he’s doing? Is he no longer a contributor to BB?

Aside from a couple of book reviews, Cory stopped posting here some time ago. No official word as to why he left. Previously.

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Thanks, I searched the BBS a while back to see if I missed anything official, but I missed that thread–not surprising as it looks like it got hijacked three ways from Sunday.

I’m amazed how much he’s already raised in just 2 days, though as he says it’s not about the money it’s about sending the message that selling outside of audible can be a feature and not a bug.

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