A simple smartphone controlled wireless button-pushing robot


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My name is Joe.
I have a wife and a dog and a family.
I work all day at a button factory.
One day,
My boss comes up to me and says,
"Joe, are you busy?"
I said, “No.”
“Push this button with your right hand.”

ETA: and there’s a manual button on the device, to have it push the button for you if the remote isn’t at hand.


They should have named it "Stimpy"


I hope someone attaches one of these to an Amazon Dash Button for maximum Rubegoldbergian-ness.


Neat. I’m getting a bunch of them and forming a loop.


Where is that finger pushing the Whisky button when you need it?

ahhhh there we go


I’m sorry, Dave. The garage door won’t open. Go to sleep, Dave…


Many years ago a French photo magazine - I think Chausseur d’images - built a machine for testing cameras which had a number of actuators that could be controlled by a PC. I seem to recall they used this to do things like test professional SLRs to destruction - in one case over 300 000 button presses of the shutter button.
I think it’s time to reinvent this in a modular form. The thing in the puff piece is not a robot - it’s just remote controlled, whereas a robot at the very least obeys a program with some decision making.

(A controller that just obeys a fixed program is normally called automatic, not a robot; a remote control is neither. My garage doors are automatic, i.e. on operating a remote button they go through a sequence of unlock, open or shut while checking for obstructions, and lock again, but they are not robots)
I don’t have the funding or the connections, but an arrangement of actuators with variable stroke at the end of adjustable arms could handle quite a lot of simple tasks especially if they could be programmed to carry out a sequence under control. Probably someone is already working on it. In a back street in Shanghai, nowadays.


$50 is pretty steep for a generic IED trigger.


Geeze, that’s…


Good lord! My eyes popped out when I saw this old TV set in their ad.

This is the same crappy B&W TV that we had in the late 1960s, on which I (kind of) saw the original episodes of Star Trek. Where in Cowabunga did they find one of those?

Oh, and Microsoft? It doesn’t have any buttons.


My coffee maker has a knob. I need Twist, not Push.


You have to admit this would be really useful for detonating a bomb, or a gas attack, or unleashing the robot geese.



I would have called it Frank.


You and me both, my friend.


And another $49 to switch whatever it is off again.


Now all the people who use a Raspberry Pi to turn something on and off via the internet have someone to look down on!


If it can only turn on my espresso machine before I get out of bed, I will be a very happy man.


$7 at Amazon