A single unicode symbol can crash iPhone, iPad and Mac apps

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Of course we need the xkcd.

Also makes me think of that old Notepad bug. (See Raymond Chen’s bit about it here.)


A single autoplay ad at full volume will crash my BBS experience!


Carry on


Pretty interesting write up on this one (or is it another?) at https://manishearth.github.io/blog/2018/02/15/picking-apart-the-crashing-ios-string/

I promise it’s not a trap.


What the fuck happened to “it just works?” New features that make it crash are worse than useless. I would be totally happy with the features OSX had 10 years ago, if they always worked and responded fast (which they pretty much did, back then)

I’m seriously thinking about putting linux on my next laptop, but I’ve got a few more years before I really have to think about that.

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By all means do, but don’t expect it to be free from the phenomenon of “let’s break something that works really well because fuck yeah we can”. Must be human nature, or something.


The more I learn about unicode the more I like it.

Also, with Linux you can pick your poison: you can play “will this update break my system?” with Debian Unstable, Fedora, or Arch, or you can go with “painfully stable to the point newer software won’t run” (CentOS, Debian Stable), or somewhere in between such as one of the Ubuntu flavors. Then there’s the “which desktop do I want?” issue, which can have its own set of issues.

Still, I’d take any Linux over Windows 10.


Yeah. I know. I use linux all the time for work, and working on different systems, different things work and don’t. At this point, I’d still expect linux on a laptop to be more of a pain to get to work than a Mac, even if arguably more stable.

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I would take any of it over any Windows, but I’m not sure I would take it over a mac yet.

The comparison with Mac is a bit unfair, but I’m under the impression that the days are really over, where installing Linux on a laptop was a dangerous quest before which you were well advised to put down your last will :wink:

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