A slow motion camera reveals what happens when a hammer hits a mirror


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A very slow motion 7 years of bad luck?


Second time I got to use this today.


It… it broke? I don’t believe it. This has to be faked. Who ever heard of this shit?


120,000 fps / 30 fps = 4000
4000 * 7 years = 28,000 years of slow-motion bad luck.

At least it will be a relatively low number of bad things, just happening very slowly.


I’ve always wondered how fast cracks in glass propagate. In every slow motion video I’ve seen of glass breaking many of the cracks seem to appear instantly between frames. I’m sure there’s an actual speed limit that depends on a number of factors but I wonder what it is.


This truly gives new meaning to “Stop! Hammertime!”


have they done “when the shit hits the fan”?


The speed of sound in glass?



So rather than keep wondering I decided to look this up. Google says (in a large font at the top of the search results as if they’re speaking loudly to a confused elder person) that it’s 3000 mph. That’s lower than the typical speed of sound in glass but apparently the speed of sound would be the limit if other factors weren’t involved.


The speed of breaking glass is demonstrated in this video of breaking Prince Rupert drops (globs of molten glass dropped into water)

Free science bonus, the physics of Prince Rupert drops is explained

Spoiler: It is crazy fast :slight_smile:


Have they done the episode about wearing gloves when holding exploding glass yet?


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