What it looks like when you break glass filmed at 10 million frames per second

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Cool video. Didn’t know that such very high speed cameras exist.

One thing that was unclear to me: in his explaination of the hand-drawn graph he seemed to indicate the x axis was time from break, noting that it speeds up. But it was labeled as the “stress factor.” What I’d like to know more about is how the stress factor increases over the propagation time of the break. Maybe have a graph that tracks how the stress factor increases over time and more discussion as to why the stress factor increases non-linearly (does the glass’s geometry affect the increasing factor?)

It’s a parametric function/graph where x(t) represents the “stress factor” and y(t) represents speed and as time increases the point (x(t), y(t)) moves up and to the right.

That i can’t help you with. I’m just a mathematician.

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Because it can’t hurt and it might feel kinda’ good.

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Bowie put out his album “Low.” in 1977 including the following track. Nick put out his own record the following year called “Bowi.” It looks like the track you site was from his next LP. I wonder if the song is an answer to Bowie.

Here is the video that The Action Lab Man was reacting to with his follow-up. It is the Slow Motion Guys and it is also impressive.

At 1st, I failed to realize he was holding a pane of glass & mistook the varying white reflection as an animated box. I kept expecting some neat graphic or insightful text to appear.

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Yeah, I get that the x axis needn’t be time (I look at parametric functions a lot in my line of work). It’s was just noting that the commentary didn’t quite match up with the graph.

But appreciate the help nonetheless.

I think that ‘…Breaking Glass’ is from ‘Jesus of Cool.’
That’s the record that I have and the first time that I heard that song.
And yeah, '78.

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